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Wereldkaart Mondriaan

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  • Thuisbezorging: Direct leverbaar
  • Hoogte (in cm): 50
  • Breedte (in cm): 70
  • Uitvoering: papier
  • Kleur van de zee: wit
  • Levertijd: direct in de winkel te koop - thuisbezorging 2-3 dagen
  • Recent: ja
  • Taal: geen

Stanley & Livingstone published this intriguing worldmap in 2017. During the exhibition of The Stijl in the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague. This exhibition celebrated the 100 years The Stijl has influenced art, graphics, architecture and design all over the world. One of their leading members was Piet Mondriaan. Stanley & Livingstone wanted to connect to this movement and found the artist Michael Tompsett to design this beatiful worldmap inspired by the red, yellow and blue paintings Mondriaan was famous for. Now for sale in a limited edition. Stanley & Livingstone Mondriaan worldmap. 

About Michael Tompsett.
Art and design were always Michael's favourite subjects at school.  After studying at University College London, Michael landed a job as a senior graphic designer at one of one of London's most prestigious publishing companies, Condé Nast Publications. After 12 highly enjoyable years he took the decision to pursue a full-time career creating and selling his own artwork. 
Michael likes to experiment with different styles and subjects, but his main focus is on map art and city skylines where he has become a trend setter. He enjoys looking for unique and interesting ways to depict things which are very familiar to us all. In his words: "Maps and city skylines are visual representations of the world we live on, a world which is incredibly diverse and I hope that I manage to show a little bit of that diversity in the artwork I create."

  • Model: 2017
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